Festivals and Street Parties

Open air festivals and street parties allow our Bubbleologists to go a bit bubble crazy and bring out the big bubble wands to produce some of the largest and most beautiful bubbles you and your guests will have ever seen. They use a wide range of exciting bubble tools and tricks to delight audiences of all ages. The freestyle mix and mingle show incorporates the very best in BIG bubbles as well as a wand that will produce thousands of little ones, guaranteeing every spectator will be sure to pop a bubble or two. This act is one of the few acts that can work in light rain and low winds which will make it a perfect choice of any British outdoor event.

Bespoke Bubble Fun workshops are also available on request. This fun, hands on bubble workshop is designed for groups of children under 25 and lasts 30 minutes. During this time the kids will all get to have a play using the skills, special bubble juice and bubble tools supplied by the talented Bubbleologist. It will be sure to be the cleanest fun they have ever had!!!


“The children and young people all have a range of disabilities and they could all take part at their own leisure. The bubble workshop was good fun and enjoyed by all.
The performer was entertaining and allowed all the children to become involved.
One child broke a piece of equipment by accident and he was very understanding.
We would recommend him in the future.”

Sophie Ticehurst – Club Co-Ordinator, East Sussex County Council